Eric Ellis, M.A.

President & CEO, Integrity Development Corp.

Eric Ellis is President and CEO of Integrity Development Corp., a firm that helps to build organizational cultures where Diversity, Inclusion and Respect flourish, which drives sustainable, improved business results. He is recognized as one of our nation’s leading consultant and strategist on matters related to Diversity & Inclusion. Eric is author of the book Diversity Conversations. His firm has been recognized as the Minority Business of the Year for Ohio in 2015 and received the 2016 NAACP President’s award, in addition to many other leadership and business awards. He has been described by the Cincinnati Enquirer in a 2018 article as “Cincinnati’s Diversity Fixer”. He can be heard nationally on his weekly radio broadcast entitled Diversity Conversations, which can be heard globally through

Since 1991, Integrity Development has served major corporations, law enforcement agencies, and educational institutions by providing unique, customized solutions that enable clients to gain the most from their talent and meet the demands of the global marketplace.

Eric also has initiatives focused on bringing sustainable social change through a recording studio dedicated to establishing contemporary positive message music and a second non-profit organization partnering with gang leaders and drug dealers to reduce community violence in exchange for partnering with traditional business owners to increase the opportunity to establish legal businesses.

Eric and his wife and business partner, Judy, have been married for 28 years and have four children.